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I could not recommend Mr. Gross & Pinnacle Law more strongly

I [was] blindsided with a legal issue I never saw coming, and I found myself in despair. . . . This was my life - how could I afford the best, or even a 'good' lawyer who billed more per hour than I made in a full week? I was introduced to Dave Gross by chance, and found myself face to face with an attorney more interested in justice than money. I received the best representation that money can buy without having to mortgage my home! Two things struck me about Mr. Gross. He is a man of his word - if he said he was going to do something, he did. If he said he was going to call at 8, he called at 8:00:00. He also came across as a 'regular guy' that happened to be a Shapiro- class lawyer. He was in no way intimidating, but compassionate, patient, and willing to take the time to listen & also to fully explain complex legal situations. I could not recommend Mr. Gross & Pinnacle Law more strongly; he quickly resolved my problem with MUCH better than expected results, and made me aware of every single event that occurred. It was clear he was highly respected by others in the legal field and that really showed me I was in the right hands.

by Jeff and Kathy on Pinnacle Law Office

Tailor Made For What We Needed.

We had a complicated situation that was very rare. We wanted to transfer custody of our nieces back to their biological father who was ready to take them, in the most cost effective way. Two other lawyers would not take the job.David took the job, and after lots of research, he formulated a game plan for our unique situation. David typed up a complete set of step-by-step instructions and made himself available for our many questions. We would recommend David Gross to anyone who needs a great lawyer.

Super Helpful, Friendly And Amazing!

Dave has been a pleasure to work with and I’m very happy I found him to represent me. Dave and his paralegal have been straight to the point and quick but extremely helpful. They even put a rush on what needed to be done so that way they were able to help me. 5 stars for sure!


This is about the fifth lawyer I have dealt with in a 2-year ongoing divorce/custody case. I received more insight and solid advice in one hour from David than in 2 years with other reputable (and way overpriced IMHO) attorneys. Don’t waste your time with others, go talk to Dave, seriously.

by Anonymous on Pinnacle Law Office
Blessed that I came into contact with Dave Gross!

I feel so blessed that I came in contact with Dave Gross! I have been dealing with a really long, complicated, painfully agonizing custody battle for over 2 years now. I had an attorney in the beginning but he took all my money, only went to one hearing and then wanted another $3200.00. So from there on out I was representing myself. I found Dave through a referral site online and met with him right away. From the first time we met, Dave is always very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, caring and confident. He has gone above and beyond in helping me throughout this whole process, and is always available to answer any questions I have along the way. He truly is an amazing attorney that cares about the cases he works on. I'm a single mom and I can't afford to pay my bills and attorney fee's every month. Dave has been very understanding and helpful in this department as well, he's not only in this for the money, he's in this because he cares about his clients and their cases. If I could I would happily pay Dave every penny I have, because he deserves it for all the hard work he does for me. The first hearing Dave represented me at we won and that was very important for my case and the future hearings we have after that. I am so grateful to have Dave on my side during this draining, painful custody battle. My kids are the most important thing to me and with Dave by my side I know we'll get what's right for them. Additionally his assistant is very helpful and always replies to my (many) emails within the same day! Thank you Dave for everything you do for me and my kids, you really are amazing!

by Howard on Pinnacle Law Office

Excellent Service.

Mr. Gross was very approachable and listened well. He was respectful and made sure all my questions were answered. I can’t thank him enough for his help. If I need any more services from an attorney, he will be my go too.

by Katie Cole Richey on Pinnacle Law Office
5 Stars!

5 Stars

Professional, caring, and thorough

Dave was a huge help to me in a very difficult time. I came in needing a divorce and he was very patient and understanding. He looked out for my best interest and willingly listened to my needs and worries. Dave was personable as well as very professional. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you will never be enough.

by Anthony on Pinnacle Law Office
A+ Lawyer

David has given me very helpful legal advice on many occasions. He was very thorough and hard working in helping me sort through my legal matters. I would absolutely go to him for legal advice again and recommend him to others that need legal assistance .

Professional, Meticulous, And Helpful.

David was an enormous help to me and my family during a difficult time. He carefully researched the issue and offered sound, reasonable advice. Thanks to his assistance, the matter was resolved and a pending lawsuit was dropped. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a very professional, careful, and honest attorney.

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