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Legal issues that require a Family Law Attorney can be complex and emotionally charged. This makes the problems difficult to resolve and can be emotionally devastating for everyone involved. The goal of every family law lawyer should be to minimize the emotional damage that results from these types of family disputes. Animosity and confusion can be minimized by honest, accurate answers to everyone’s questions. This is done by providing capable representation while protecting the rights of clients and the best interest of any children involved.

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What You Should Expect From Your Family Law Attorney

Family law is inherently intensely personal. A family law attorney can set this aside and work toward an equitable settlement agreement. While the goal is to reach consensus through mediation and collaboration, the attorney should be prepared to litigate if necessary. Experienced attorneys can provide legal guidance in many areas, including:

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody
  • Changes to Parental Support Plans

The law firm should also protect the legal rights of all members in the family, including children, parents and grandparents. The goal is to provide guidance, support, clarity and transparency throughout every proceeding while being a staunch advocate for the client. The firm should offer compassionate and professional representation.

At Pinnacle Law Office, or goal is to maintain the rights of our clients, while coming to an amicable resolution. Our experienced attorneys work to ensure our clients best interests are met while minimizing any emotional and financial damage through these stressful times.

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Child Custody Attorney

During a divorce or separation proceeding, parental custody and visitation rights are the most important factors typically under discussion if children are involved. It is natural for both parents to be involved in the lives of their children.

It is essential that a family law attorney seek acceptable solutions to complex custody disputes so that the welfare of the children is protected as much as possible. The family lawyer should know whether the client wants to make custody or visitation an important element of the divorce proceedings so that it is factored into any mediation or court rulings.

Child Support Modification

Financial and life changes may necessitate the need to modify an existing child support plan. This issue can occur because of job loss, a promotion, significant life changes, or the elimination of services, such as daycare, private schooling, etc.

Courts recognize that being flexible is often the better answer than strict enforcement. A family law attorney needs to know how to guide the process through the court to reach a new fair and equitable solution. The goal is to continue to provide the necessary support to the child and consider his or her best interest despite the need to deal with complex issues.

Child Relocations

Life-altering events can affect a previously agreed upon parenting plan and custody arrangement. One of the most difficult situations is the need for one or both parents to relocate outside of their current locations because of a job loss or promotion.

Custody and visitation schedules are meant to help children develop a healthy relationship with both parents. Relocation can cause numerous conflicts and challenges.

It is important that an experienced family law attorney be consulted to assist clients with the creation of a new parent plan that ensures everything is done to safeguard the best interest of the child.

Why Hire an Experienced Family Law Attorney?

Inexperienced family lawyers can struggle with the various required court proceedings and the complexities of creating an acceptable parenting plan or the division of communal assets. The frustrating delays make the process more difficult, aggravating and could adversely affect the welfare of any children involved.

Inexperience can lead to a trial rather than having the issue resolved amicably outside the courtroom. Engaging the services of an experienced family law attorney can make these trying times easier to handle. While each circumstance is different, experience often provides insight into a variety of options that can solve the problem at hand.

A qualified attorney can competently represent a client in the various aspects of family law. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney also understands when mediation or other collaborative effort is the best course of action.

The first step is to make an appointment for a free consultation. During this interview, aspects of the case as well as any possible courses of action will be discussed. Once the firm is hired, the office will provide the caring attention required to patiently guide interested parties through the important legal proceedings. By providing a positive client-attorney experience, the law firm helps the client reach their objective.

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