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Robbery Defense Attorney in Vancouver WA by Pinnacle Law OfficeRobbery is a serious crime. Anyone facing these charges should put up the best defense possible. An experienced armed robbery defense attorney can help. This is particularly crucial if the offense involved the use of a weapon. When a gun, knife or other weapon is used, the theft is considered a violent crime, which means that the severity of the sentence will increase accordingly.

Defending Against a Robbery Charge

Defendants have several options when mounting a defense against a robbery charge. The government has to prove that the defendant was present and committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. An experienced robbery defense attorney will pursue the best option. This may include claiming:

Innocence – This can be accomplished by providing evidence or an alibi that the defendant was not present at the time the robbery took place. This includes challenging eyewitness testimony as well as any video or forensic evidence.

Affirmative Defense – The defendant can admit certain aspects of the crime while denying culpability.

Entrapment – This occurs when another party forces the defendant to commit a robbery he or she otherwise would not have.

Duress – The person committed the crime because he or she feared immediate bodily injury or death.

While some of these options are difficult to prove, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will know whether they apply. A veteran defense attorney will also understand mitigating circumstances like intoxication that may change the nature of the charges.

Why Hire an Experienced Armed Robbery Defense Attorney?

Armed Robbery Defense Attorney Vancouver WA WashingtonWhile the exact length of incarceration will be based on circumstances surrounding the crime, a person convicted of armed robbery will generally face a prison sentence. Prosecutors take armed robbery very seriously. Robbery and theft, depending upon the value of the property taken, may qualify as a misdemeanor. An experienced criminal defense attorney familiar with the robbery statutes may be able to get the charges lowered or the sentence reduced if the accused committed the act. When facing armed robbery charges, an accused individual must act quickly to engage the services of experienced legal counsel.

Pinnacle Law Office and their Managing Attorney David Gross have been defending the rights of their clients since 1994. As a former prosecutor, Attorney David Gross vigorously defends the rights of his clients using a legal means available. If you or a loved one is facing robbery related charges, call Pinnacle Law Office today.

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