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Murder Defense Attorney - Pinnacle Law Office in Vancouver WABecause murder is the most serious charge that anyone can face, the accused should mount the strongest defense possible. A conviction could result in a life behind bars. The assistance of an experienced lawyer is essential to ensure that the accused rights and interest are fully protected. It is widely understood that someone accused of murder should find the best defense lawyer. The accused needs a criminal defense attorney who fully appreciates the gravity of the situation.

Hire a Defense Attorney Quickly

Many people are reluctant to hire an attorney for fear that it may appear suspicious. They may also be concerned about the cost. This reduces the potential for a favorable outcome. A vigorous defense must start as soon as possible, preferably during the police investigation before the suspect is even arrested and charged. An experienced lawyer who is familiar with the legal system can prevent mistakes that could sabotage an effective defense in the future.

What to Expect When Tried for Murder

Murder trials are expensive and time-consuming. An experienced defense attorney will explore the various options and represent the defendant at trial if necessary. Potential options may include plea bargaining down to a lesser charge or getting some of the prosecution’s case barred from admission. Because of the serious nature of the charge, the accused person needs a veteran attorney with a proven record of effective negotiation, enhanced trial preparation, and success in court.

Why Choose an Experienced Murder Defense AttorneyCriminal Defense Murder Attorney Vancouver WA Washington

Few attorneys have the experience and confidence to handle the pressure associated with a murder trial. Veteran criminal defense attorneys are familiar with the investigatory techniques and procedures used by law enforcement as well as their biases and other shortcomings. This provides the opportunity to discredit the evidence. An experienced attorney recognizes common prosecutorial practices and knows when to object. A skilled criminal lawyer is also well versed in the governing statutes and how they should be applied, including those related to self-defense. When his or her freedom is on the line, someone accused of murder should only choose a criminal defense attorney who has won a murder trial in court.

Pinnacle Law Office and their Managing Attorney David Gross have been defending the rights of their clients since 1994. As a former prosecutor, Attorney David Gross vigorously defends the rights of his clients using a legal means available. If you or a loved one is facing robbery related charges, call Pinnacle Law Office today.

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